How long does it take to make a promotional costume?
20 - 60 business days from the approved sketch of a promotional costume.

What size person are used for promotional costumes?
All promotional suits are made for a person, whose height is less than 180 cm. In order to customize the suit for a custom height, you need to be informed in addition.

What size are boots?
Boots are universal in size from 37 to 45.

What materials are used for costume production?
The materials are used differently. The material depends on the promotional costumes produced (the materials are known only in the approved sketch).

Does the price include transportation?
Transportation is not included in the price. Shipping cost from 30 - 50 Eur / unit + VAT.

Does the costume sketch enter the price?
The costume sketch is not included in the price. The price of the sketch is 150 Eur / unit + VAT (the sketch adjustment is subject to an additional charge). If you are buying a promotional costume, the sketch price is not included.