Creating mascot costumes

A mascot costume is a form of advertising, representing a company, product or service. We are original, creative and innovative. We are able to offer our customers mascot costumes of the highest quality. We create costumes focusing not on the quantity, but quality and the attempt to create a one of a kind costume. Our professional and creative designers and tailors will make you an exceptional and unique mascot costume.

Need more than one or even a few dozen of promotional costumes? We offer mass production of promotional costumes at reasonable prices. We can create as many unique costumes as your company requires.

We use only the highest quality materials. In order for the costume to correspond to the customer’s needs, we provide the possibility to choose the type and colour of fabric from a wide range of colours, as well as other details. Apart from that, if necessary, the costume can bear the necessary logo, sign, lettering or other symbol.

We do not import the costumes, but actually create them. Therefore there are no delivery issues, which save our customers’ time.

Our extensive experience, the high qualifications of our employees and exceptional working methods provide the possibility to achieve the best results and guarantee the highest quality of our products.

Preparation of a sketch for a promotional costume €150,00 Order

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