Creating promotional toys

A toy is not only a souvenir, gift, decoration or a pleasure for your child. Toys can have lots of functions, one of which can be a form of advertising, representing a company, product or service.

A promotional toy is an attractive, appealing, original and functional form of advertising. A promotional toy can be used anywhere: as a keyholder, attached to a car mirror, on your desk at work, at home or in other places.

Taking into consideration our customers’ needs, wishes and expectations, we can create any promotional toy, bearing the necessary company logo, sign, symbol or lettering. Our professional team of designers and toymakers will provide you with the best sketches and help to choose the most original and suitable option. The company’s products, which stand out with the highest quality materials, perfectly matching colours and shapes as well as impeccable craftsmanship will surprise you, your competitors, friends and acquaintances.

By matching the toy and promotional functions, we will help you to reach even more efficient results in the representation of yourself and your activities. We don’t want our toys to just be decorations, but to also speak a mute, but understandable language.

The synthesis of colours and advertising in a toy is a perfect possibility to express oneself.