Embroidery services

Embroidering is a method used in the presentation of graphical elements, providing great, durable value and staying memorable.

Our team can embroider a logo, lettering or other symbols – we embroider anything on anything (toys, work clothes, t-shirts, hats, caps, leather and different fabrics). With the help of information technologies, the logos, applications, flags, patches, labels and other graphical symbols embroidered by our company, are accurate and visible. We use threads of a broad range of colours, as well as supplementary materials of the highest quality, therefore, the results of our work are really durable.

The quality embroidery work will not only attract the eye, but will also provide a possibility to create your own image. In order to achieve the best results, we combine our experience and the customer’s needs, wishes and expectations into one.

Advertising by embroidery will be the accent of your individuality.